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Astronomy x Art

“Spirituality is not only about what is beyond human limits; it is the sensibility of incompleteness in the journeying. For something so intangible, spirituality produces its own tangibilities felt and known by those with the wisdom to quest and perhaps to find” (Jupp & Flanagan, 2016).

Conversations with Astronomer Dr Farung Surina Bunthit (Momay) from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University led Teh to draw connections between her study of spirituality in Chiang Rai to how people in ancient civilizations built architectures that deliberately align or allow for their close observations of the sun, moon and the stars. Such ancient wisdom reflected a much closer and more acute understanding of nature and our relationship with our environment — something that we have neglected since the Anthropocene.  Inspired by such ancient wisdom, Teh collaborates with local Astronomer, Dr. Momay, to explore possible ways of creating an immersive installation that utilises astronomical calculations to bring about a sense of spiritual alignment to the sun and the moon.

Site-Specific Installation: Technical Drawings of Installation Based on Astronomical Calculations

Installation Artwork by Zen Teh in collaboration with Dr. Farung Surina Bunthit (Momay)
At the main hall of Rai Chern Tawan Meditation Center, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Technical drawings by Thakdanai Sairodroong (Bos)
Astronomical Text by Dr. Momay_English-and-Thai-description-for-Zen.docx_Page_1.jpg
Astronomical Text by Dr. Momay_English-and-Thai-description-for-Zen.docx_Page_2.jpg
Astronomical Text by Dr. Momay_English-and-Thai-description-for-Zen.docx_Page_3.jpg
Astronomical Text by Dr. Momay_English-and-Thai-description-for-Zen.docx_Page_4.jpg
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