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A Film on Zen Teh's Artmaking Process

By Tachin Pongjina (Nesta) 
The manner in which humans transcend themselves and reach out to the ultimate possibilities of their existence. As such spirituality entails both an understanding of the deepest meaning of human existence and a commitment to realizing the same.” (Bregman, 2014)

Learn about Zen Teh's research-based approach to art making for this Thailand Biennale Chiang Rai 2023. 

In this edition of Thailand Biennale Chiang Rai 2023, Zen Teh’s long-standing interest into the environment and human-nature relationship in urbanity extends itself to the intangible and often elusive subject of spirituality. What is spirituality? What does it mean to be human and how do cultural practices and beliefs manifest itself in the Mountainscape of Chiang Rai? This project explores how Thai culture and its hierarchical system are ingrained in the spiritual practices in Northern Thailand and the ways in which such spiritual practices may reveal post-humanistic and post-anthropogenic means of considering the world. Through a combination of research methods, Teh explores what Thai spirituality entails and how these spiritual practices manifest, interact and transform (even governs) the landscape and its human (perhaps non-human too) in Chiang Rai.

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